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Hello little Nicole - WOW. If you could only imagine where you are going to be in 20’s been one hell of a ride. I can tell you now what you’ve gone on to become, what you’ve manifested from your love of clothing, but you won’t believe me. Not even. Your love of shopping has turned into what will seem like endless years of hard work and dedication. You will give up your life for your brand, your voice in fashion. 

Your closet full of track pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts? That’s all stayed the same. Except now everything is covered in sequins.

Those stores you dragged Mommy into in order to hunt down “And-one” Tees? Those stores started carrying your brand.

The shopping adventures you went on with Mem down in Florida? They’ve now served you as a designer in the relationships you have with retail stores. 

Oh, those stores you once dreamed of working at? You’ve worked at them. Even better...they are now your clients.

You are still pretty much the same kid you always were - just that now, you are more focused. More confident with who you are and the gift that you have.

Mommy and Daddy told you that you were special from the second you were born and offered you all the support in the world, in their way, but you decided to figure your so called life out for yourself.

You end up dropping out of college and moving to Tel Aviv with two suitcases of high end designer clothes - doing what, well that should be obvious. You found out the hard way that fancy clothes and a luxurious teenage lifestyle were a recipe for disastrous adventure, (delicious) disaster . 

For three years you went back and forth from TLV to Europe to NY and once you finally landed back in NY your suitcases had somehow multiplied...which was ironic, because your clothes got a LOT smaller.

When it became your responsibility to live on your own, you took your shopping addiction and passion for fashion into your own hands- literally. You sliced, cropped, dyed, braided, shredded and tore most of your entire personal wardrobe and yep, sold clothes off your body to make a living. When you realized selling clothes at festivals and on the beach wouldn’t pay the bills you moved back to NY with a devilish look in your eye and an idea to change the NY fashion world you grew up in.  It was a most unconventional yet traditional approach- reworked vintage clothes.

Guess what? You go on to work with your dad a couple times a week and have the potential to do the wonders you only once dreamt were possible there. You sit in Daddy’s chair when he takes Fridays off of work and sit back, smiling, probably feeling the same way you did as a kid. Except that now, you sit proudly in that chair with so much knowledge and the desire to share your vision and gift with the world.

So Nic, you have been around the world and back again. You dwell in the heart of the city that doesn’t sleep. You dwell in the place where dreams become reality and you sit in the same chair at Ronni Nicole that you have been sitting in all your life. It’s all working out pretty good so far.

Nic- If I could give you any real advice it would be to listen to everyone around you.- I know you have a vision and a passion for the unordinary, but those who love you only want you to turn that vision into reality and not just a hobby. You will get there with lots of hard work, focus, and a sacrifice here or there. - It’s not going to be easy… -but you can bet it will be worth it. This is your realm-, you are destined to create something amazing. Don’t let anyone or anything ever bring you down. Take each failure as a success in disguise and trust how you feel. You are stronger than you could ever know.

Your fashion sense has always been ahead of the game and the world of fashion is ever changing. Use it to your best ability. Don’t be impulsive, those decisions will catch up with you.. But also, let’s face it, you were wearing couture at age 13 and “The Trendiest Inc” published the Fashion book you wrote in maybe be a little impulsive when your intuition guides. 

Stay true to yourself, Coley. If there is one thing I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, don’t ever lose sight of how special you are and don’t give a damn if your mix n match outfit doesn’t make it in the window of intermix on your first try.  You have something really special. 20 years later, after you have been around the world and back again , look right in front of you:- You’ve got the world at your fingertips. You were born ready, but sometimes I don’t think the world was ready for you.

Right now the letters OPD are just letters of the alphabet to you but those 3 letters are soon going to shape the way you live, shape the way you work and shape the way of the fashion revolution you were born to create.


I love you Nic. You grow up to love yourself. You grow up in One Piece.


All My Loving-

XX- Nic

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