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The Money Bag

Designer: OPDNY

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The OPD Money Bag is finally here!

This is a listing to pre-order the OG Money Bag!

The Money Bag is perfect for errands, groceries, gym, soulcycle, work, beach... basically the bag is perfect for everywhere and anywhere you go in your day to day travels! The bag is also light enough to fold up and put in your purse to use later 

Now that single use plastic bags are banned in NY and one must pay to use one, you might as well use the OPD Money Bag, and only worry about carrying your money, not spending it in silly places for a plastic bag! The money bag is made so you can keep it with you wherever you go and guaranteed to  get you  compliments. It's Money Honey!

The OG Money Bag is made from exclusive OPD Money sequins and each back is lined with scrap fabric. No 2 bags are the same, as you know this is One Piece Design baby.

The total length of the bag is about 23" and 13" deep with a 9.5" handle

Orders placed by 3/6 will by ship 3/11
and order placed after 3/11 will ship 3/17



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