"Black Betty" Camilla Skirt

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The Camilla Skirt is made from vintage t-shirts and scrap fabric. This 4 tier maxi skirt is a must have for all seasons. The elastic waistband is comfortable and can be worn on your hips or waist, wherever you feel is best. Cargo free pockets perfect for your essentials and to complete the look. 

Waist band elastic 27" stretches to fit up to a size 30

Fits Size XS-L

The combo you see here  is unique for this particular piece but once we sell out of the "Black Betty" Camilla Skirt, you will be able to  pre-order an all black Camilla Skirt, that will have the same vibe but obviously with different t-shirts and fabrics. See the listing PRE-ORDER CAMILLA BLACK for more details.